So, what’s this all about?



Many women complain of being disconnected from the world when they have children, especially when they are stay-at-home moms.  It is somewhat inevitable that once you cross over into mommy-hood that your circle of friends will change because, face it, those that are childless really don’t give a crap that Marlee went to the potty all by herself today!   So what fills this void other than play dates at restaurants that offer a toy with the meal?  There is of course Facebook, but when you have more to say than what Mark Zuckerberg allots you as a “Status”, what’s a mom to do?  Start a blog of course! What does that have to do with me? Why does this blog exist?   Well… this isn’t all that exciting but it’s the truth: It is an assignment for my Bachelor of Liberal Studies class American Motherhood.    I hope this doesn’t scare you off as I hope the blog may be interesting to others.

Some of the types of issues I hope to cover (no promises that I’ll get around to all of them)

  • Is there a dark side to mothering and even more specifically, to the mommy blog?
  • Mothers as Killers: Are works like Beloved by Toni Morrison deflecting blame from women who kill?
  • Sexuality and Mothering
  • Why Michelle Obama is inspirational to the future generation of mothers
  • Southern Women Bloggers, do they lend credibility to the ignorant “hillbilly” stereotypes?
  • Classical Literature by Virginia Woolf on the role of mothering economy with relevance to the Work of Crittenden.


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