Biggest Mommy Blog Scandals Part 2: Legal Woes

At one point, MckMama was at one time one of the most popular mommy blogs out there.     Frankly, she wasn’t the best mother.   Her blog was always showing her perfect kids, in fact, in her original naming of the blog It was “My Charming Kids”  Then for “privacy” she started giving her children code names (not unusual) but what was unusual was that she called them by McDonald’s items.  Big Mac, Mcknugget (Nuggie), Small Fry, Stellan, and McFlurry.   Stellan was different.. why you ask?  It was her claim to fame.  Her child was experiencing severe heart conditions in-utero. Super Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT).  A request for prayer for her son soon lead to a cult following, with women attacking each other online, contacting bosses, and simply trying to destroy lives.   She has more than one blog set up simply for hate groups.  Honestly, my personal opinion is Jennifer loved the attention, she rose to fame quickly, in an interview she was evasive when asked how much money she was making,  she said simply “alot, alot of money”.   This line has earned her scorn all around the blogosphere.   How was she making this money?   Ads.  She was receiving thousands of hits per day, often when Stellan was in critical condition her website would CRASH from all the hits.  She bad parenting decisions: pictures of her son getting CPR when he coded, and in my opinion she bated her readers.     She tweeted after a particularly harrowing experiencing episode “We just said goodbye to Stellan”  When everyone was sure he was dead, she FINALLY came back to say he was ok.  I highly recommend viewing this link, as MckMama still has a bit of clout, I am not comfortable reposting some of the things she said/did so I will direct you here: MckMama.   So, being a crummy mother (She left this same child alone only a few days out of the hospital and went on vacation to California (she lived in MN) isn’t necessarily a crime, but stealing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own IS a crime.  High end companies quickly wanted nothing to do with her, and people made efforts to distance themselves.    During all this time Mckmama touted living debt free, claimed to be paying her bills, meanwhile house after house was in foreclosure, she LIED to the bankruptcy court and was nearly prosecuted and she has been ordered to pay back the nearly three quarters of a MILLION dollars she owes.   She tried to hide many of these incidents, just like she hid the instance of her husband being arrested for domestic violence against her while still pregnant with Stellan who was gravely ill in the womb.     She painted a rosy picture of her mother-in-law moving in to help with the children, to cover the fact that the court wouldn’t allow her and her husband together alone until he completed anger management and probation.    Meanwhile she was still professing her religious, holy-rolling-granola lifestyle.   Google it if you doubt it “Mckmama fraud” “Mckmama scam” There will be more posts and information than you can read in a month.      This is the downside to blogging, people putting the glory of it ahead of what the blog originally was about, YOUR CHILDREN!



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