Okay, the assignment portion of the blog is done 🙂  I got an A in the class, so, it’s all good. So now I don’t necessarily have to relate everything back to an article.


Sooo…  You know who’s blog that I find a lot of negative stuff on the internet about? The Pioneer women.   Here’s my secret though.  I love her.   Her goofy humor, her alien hand, her funny tall amazon awkward kids, the basset hounds, kittenkitten, Pookie, all these horse ear pics.  I love it.     I realize that no human being could do all the stuff she does, and she probably has a staff, and she isn’t actually keeping it “real” but still, her style makes me laugh, and I can relate to some of her awkwardness, but I think she’s classically beautiful, and I feel sort of bad when she calls HER fat.. and look at me.    ugh.   I’ve tried a few recipes, but usually her food is a little spicy for me………but we really love the Marlboro Man Sandwich… although I do not use butter or hot sauce……….. usually Au jus and charbroil the cube steak then cut it in strips, but, anyway, it’s similar and where my version evolved from so I’ll give credit.


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